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Under arrest by World-dreamer Under arrest by World-dreamer
These are OC's of mine. They do have names, BUT I'D LIKE YOU TO NAME THEM! I would like to know how, and what you feel about them based on what you see!

Ok, as I was asked, here is a description of them. It is kept BRIEF on purpose!

No1(girl on the left edge)
Female-22-university student-
She studies economy and trade to get out of the order of her environment.
Her family owns a shop in the university-district of the Capital Town of Central (name of the town). Her elder sister is unemployed, her mother deceased due to illness. The father still lives and runs the shop.
She hates waste, unnecessary casualties, corruption, injustice and being deceived.
She cares much for the environment and her fellow men.

No2 (man on the left)
male-35-information broker
Arrogant, ruthless, cold and malicious. Enjoys black humour and sarcasm. Someone you really don't want to get to know on the bad side.
On the other hand he is reliable, trustworthy and a great support... if paid for generously.
One of his good qualities are that he never lies and has an indispensable network of allies and informants.
Lone child. His parents are still alive, happily thinking their son works for some boring accounting company.

No3+4 (two women)
I count them as one.
Sisters of Chinese inheritance-elder: 21, younger:16-assassins/hitwoman
Their heritage doesn't matter much, only to mention they immigrated China out of financial reasons.
They live in inn and hostels for the most time as they don't need a headquarter.
The younger one is the contact-person for their cases and a real pain in the butt. A know-it-all, nitpicking and too bossy for her age. But she would never make a deal that would put her sister at disadvantage or harm her.
In the end the older one is the executing. With ninja-like abilities and Chinese martial arts she kicks butts. She is rather quiet and doesn't stir much water. She is uncomfortable with showing affection, even towards her own sister, which makes her a appear stone-hearted.

A friendly lot till now, haven't we?

No5 (man in the middle)
male- not-exactly-given-age- governor of Ct Central
Maybe at this point I should mention, the story isn't setted on earth, but somewhere very else and things are going abstract from now on.
This person is the second son of a family ruling pretty much all territories we deal about in this story. With god-like powers they interfere with people and their life. A super-power-government.
So he is an ass-hole? No. He doesn't have powers like his brother and hates him for this and various other reasons.
He is honest and eager, but his enthusiasm was never appreciated or needed. He always had to live in the shadows of his brother. Tough,hein?
So he started a rebellion against him.
Sounds like fun.
And hell yeah, it is.
He is spiced with a healthy amount of envy, will for justice and a love for a girl he can't have. Not your average hero. (full character sheet coming soon)

No6 (man on the right)
male-64-deputy/or second Home Secretary of Central
He is a very obnoxious character. As a minister he is very suitable and makes good decisions, but as every politician, well he is a bit corrupt.
He leads couple of like minded politicians to oppose the elder brother of the protagonist. (still no names)
This little group of complaining badmouths will become the fundament of something far bigger.
He is known to make quick decisions, which due to some incredible luck always go right in the end. He has a good sense of humour and likes to think he is not over 60.

No7(woman on the right)
She worked for a company called Human Intelligence Mechanics, but quit it when the factory got closed for illegally producing bio-robots. Now she runs a small repair shop in the basement of her house.
She is simple minded and
doesn't care much for big ideals. Her importance lays more in material values and less in ideological. She is hight-endurance and low-maintenance, ruled by logic and reason.
She lives with her younger brother(15) in the house their aunt passed on to them.

No8 (man in the right corner)
Oh my, look at this. I actually dropped that character since the drawing was made. he is not of importance any more,so I will save my breath about that. (I actually have a replacement for slot no8)

Ok, now if you read through this: you have my gratitude.
If you are interested further in this hazy story, here is the temporary story concept: [link]


:bulletred: Megkérnék szépen mindenkit, hogy ADJON NEKIK NEVET!! :bulletred:
Nem mintha nem lenne, de szeretném letesztelni, milyen hatással van a sima rajz (további személyleírás nélkül) az emberekre. Előre is köszi!

tools: DinA3 sheet, ballpoint pen, pencil, black gel pen, 0.3multiliner
time: 3 days (around 8-10 hours)
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kevintheradioguy Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012  Professional Artist
I so suck at names >_< sorry. I can't even thin of this typical-badass-name for my own character.
They... do all look quite evil, though :o you do lovely thing with the hair.
Still, it would be nice to have the background to judje the characters o' yours... at least if you did expect this from #CharacterDevelopment
World-dreamer Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh Holy Hell! I really did forget to update the desription...sorry. it should be fine now.
Thanks, I struggled with the hair a long time:) For now they might loook evil, let's see what I'll do with them...
I doesn't matter if you give stupid names! I had my seven-year-old brother name them and he did fine! I think it is interesting to see what other people think.
kevintheradioguy Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Professional Artist
Ah, well. I never choose names for characters just to have them. They must match th character and/or mean something.
World-dreamer Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You speak words of wisdom...I don't want to force you into something.
I myself had trouble deciding the names and even now I doubt I'll keep all of them. I think all in all, they have to feel right, rather than sound cool.
kevintheradioguy Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Professional Artist
True. I just say I can not tell names for characters without knowing them.
You know, when I'm having real troubles with those, I do two things. If you're interested, of course.
:bulletorange: The first one is the most simple one, I take main characteristics of a character and find names that fit them at and Sometimes change letters a bit, so the name sound more suitable. For example, this character of mine. He's dark, though not evil or gloomy, and wears feathers on his shoulders. I've chosen the name Bertram, as it is as fancy, as he is (as the character's actually fun and bright and loud, and everything he does is just for an image of a dark mage he is), and it means 'raven' or 'crow'. He does look like a raven, and ravens and crows, although look dark, are very loud and 'socialized' (they live among people, in cities).
:bulletorange: The second variant is naming after someone. For example, these characters are mine. The gal name is Natasha Kreutzfeld after Natasha Fatale from 'Rocky and Bullwinkle', as she was my fave cartoon villain girl, and the first concept of my character reminded Natasha Fatale; and after Karl Kreutsfeld, the character of 'Lost Room' TV series, as, well, he's my fave villain there as well, and they have something in common in the way they behave and look at things. The man's name is Victor Ernst Nimdok. Being a scientist, he's names after three: Victor Frankenstein from Mary Shelley's 'The Modern Prometheus', Richard Ernst, who is an outstanding physical chemist; and the character from Harlan Ellisons ' I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream', a German scientist (mostly because the place where this one lives was once occupied by Nazi Germans).

Hm... Now, I think that will help you. At least just a little bit. I can protect my comment here by saying 'That's what #CharacterDevelopment for - helping to develop' :giggle:
World-dreamer Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you very much!
I never knew there were sites helping you pick names. This is going to get me forward a great deal.
I do that naming-someone-after-someone-else-thing quite often, but at one point of time, I felt like I was stealing names. That felt awful. I seriously thought I was and idea-thief...
I just hope to make my characters outstanding enough to not make the people associate to, say Harry Potter, when hearing the name Harry.

I have to say, I absolutely adore Bertram, or Noir. He certainly has something about him you can't forget. You really did an awesome job with his design!
And thanks again. Constructive commenting always helps.:)
kevintheradioguy Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2012  Professional Artist
I don't really think that naming after someone is stealing. I mean, there are thousands of Harry's, Ann's, Christin's, etc. in the world. Many people was named after someone (my sister, for example, after queen Katherina the Second). And every name was carried by someone famous. But it gives a little 'easter-egg' for the character. But that's only my opinion.

And thank you for Bertram. I do want to make some more of him, as he had started playing a great role in my little world. But I have so much to do :(
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